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InTune or not to InTune … is it a Question?

I am currently working for a client designing a solution for MDM (Mobile Device Management). Most customers look for an easy to use solution so it could be picked up and managed appropriately by their internal IT staff.

There are many solutions on the market, like AirWatch, Good and InTune plus many more that I didn’t mention, each have their advantages and disadvantages. Anyways, I am not writing a product feature review so I won’t dive into a comparison between the vendors.

For this customer we have settled for InTune due to cost and integration with existing systems like Microsoft SCCM 2012 R2.

InTune does provide good MDM solution in the cloud for those who want to migrate away from their on-premis private cloud or create a hybrid cloud. Either way it’s a good step forward in the cloud which would open up more possibilities inside MS Office 365 hosting.

If you have implemented MS SCCM 2012 R2 on-premis, it is recommended to integrate SCCM to manage your mobile devices with InTune. Combined they could provide a very powerful solution to manage settings on the phone down to the application level.

Microsoft has a very good article on application control using SCCM and InTune

If you have InTune and want to integrate SCCM to your solution then it’s achievable even though you have switched on InTune as your MDM Management Authority. A call to Microsoft support could start the process in that transition, this process is disruptive and it would impact all phones enrolled on InTune during that transition. Having SCCM as MDM Management Authority is one way road, so you won’t be able to flip back to having InTune as your MDM Management Authority.

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