Backing up network device storage using Windows Backup Utility

I had an issue where I was trying to backup a network storage device, there are many limitations to these device including the lack of flexibility in adding any extra functionality like including them in our daily backup.

These storage devices could only be accessed directly via their IP’s or mapped into a machine and backed up directly on that machine using mapped drives, but mapped drives only exist as long as your session is active, as soon as you log off the drive is disconnected.

There is a workaround, (in this scenario I am referring to the Backup utility that already comes installed on Windows 2003 or Windows XP)

    1. Map a drive to that network device and schedule your backup accordingly to backup that drive.
    2. After setting up the schedule task within your session, make note of the backup job name.
    3.Navigate to %Userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows NT\NTBackup\data\
    4. Find the Backup job name (.bks) and edit it with notepad. The file should contain the path to your backed up folder maintaining the mapped drive letter.
    5. Replace the drive letter (e.g X: ) with \\IP_address and save the file.

This would make sure your drive is backed up even if you don’t have an active sessions on the machine.

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