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Changing QLogic FC HBA firmware configuration using vMA on ESXi

In order to manage an ESX or ESXi host using vMA they will need to be added to vMA first:

sudo vifp addserver <servername>

It would ask you for a username and password which would cache in order to run any future remote scripts.

vifptarget –s <servername>

This would let you target a specific ESX/ESXi host

For the list of available parameters for Qla2xxx and Qla4xxx have a look at (Changing HBA parameters in ESXi).

To apply a single or a set of parameters using vMA, use the following syntax:

Example: vicfg-module –s ‘qlport_down_retry=60 ql2xmaxqdepth=64’ qla2xxx

To display parameters set on an HBA use the command: vicfg-module –g qla2xxx

Make sure you reboot the host after making any changes to take effect.

Note: If you apply a single parameter change at a time it would reset all other parameters to default and only apply the last parameter change to the host.

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