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The resource “datastore_name” is in use while attempting to delete that data store

This weird behavior was observed on two data stores which we were planning to delete/unmounted from all our ESX/ESXi hosts.

The first error flagged “Can’t remove datastore ‘datastore_name‘ because Storage I/O Control is enabled on it. Correct it and re-try the operation”. So we tried disabling SIOC through vSphere client, the process never completed and got stuck at 4 – 14 %. This process didn’t flag any errors, but I had to increase the SIOC log to the maximum in order to find where the issue is.

To enable Storage I/O log, on each host > configuration > Advanced Settings, change Misc.SIOControlLogLevel to 7 and restart the SIOC on the host by using the following command through a SSH session

[For ESXi] /etc/init.d/storageRM restart

[For ESX] /etc/init.d/vmware-late restart

Error and warning messages can be traced in /var/log/messages


It became apparent that the SIOC wasn’t running on one of the hosts which caused the whole process of deleting a data store to fail.

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Extending RDM and VMFS LUN’s

You will find that mapped RDM datastores in virtual compatibility mode cannot be extended simply by a re-scan of the HBA and extending the drive. In this case you will need to shut down the server, make note of the scsi x:y postion, un-map that volume from the virtual machine and re-map it again. This would recreate the descriptor file with the added space.

A simple rescan within your VM OS would show the added space which you can extended using DISKPART or any other tool out there.

RDM’s in physcial compatibility mode can be extended easily without the above steps.

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